Use Googlesearch like a pro

13 Different ways to use your Google search

When you are in need to convert currencies/units/money exchange first thing we do is looking  for a currency or unit or money converter. Google  search is also your currency converter, weather forecast, dictionary, scientific calculator. Google handles Petabytes of data everyday Read More

Google eavedropping your emails Microsoft warns about being scroogled

Microsoft warns being scroogled

Microsoft slams Google privacy policy, as Google reads all our emails to  gathers the keywords we send in email or chat and targets our gmail inbox with spam advertisements. Microsoft claims it is  a violation of Googles privacy policy and also slams  a mailbox must protect users from spam, Google doing it in opposite way Read More

Why Facebook will never introduce dislike button?

facebook will never introduce dislike button

Facebook like button was introduced in 2009, like button is the heart of facebook because it is a simple psychological trick that makes people forced towards logging into facebook often (Too see how much like they got) Many people don’t even realize their facebook addiction is because of this like button trap! There are websites which supports dislike button where users can have full rights to like/dislike/neutral. Read More