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Why Facebook will never introduce dislike button?

Facebook like button was introduced in 2009, like button is the heart of facebook because it is a simple psychological trick that makes people forced towards logging into facebook often (Too see how much like they got) Many people don’t even realize their facebook addiction is because of this like button trap! There are websites which supports dislike button where users can have full rights to like/dislike/neutral.  Why Facebook will never introduce dislike button?

Zuck & co has some sensible answers: people cannot be trusted in using dislike button sensibly.

There are also hidden reasons

what happens if you get 50 dislikes for a post rather getting 10 likes?

you will slowly start hating facebook and you will become aggressive to the ones who disliked your post. However  Business pages have unlike button and you can unlike a brand/company if you don’t like it.  Bigger brands and companies do not suffer as they already bagged millions of likes and small companies may be forced towards running the Ad campaigns regularly to Boost the likes which inturn keeps the money flowing in fb. Nobody is going to quit facebook for not having a dislike button

Beware of spammers !!!

facebook will never introduce dislike button

you might have come across  ”facebook profile viewer ” which kept spreading spams by making the user tempted towards clicking the link,  likewise they also started spamming with dislike button. Facebook will never introduce dislike button so beware of those spams and  think logically “you single user installing a dislike button/plugin  is not going to change the whole facebook algorithm/your friends profile”. We can boot the spammers by creating awareness among the people ! not to click the spammy links.



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