Two extremely useful tools that make PHP Development easy WinSCP+SQLYog

Database management and file management are the two important aspects when it comes to web development. Most developers use Filezilla/WS Ftp for filemanagement.Phpmyadmin,Sequel Pro or Navicat for MySQL for database management. For efficient development you need to see the changes as fast as you update with less page load time.


WinSCP uses SSH protocol from PuTTY and FileZilla’s FTP protocol.Main advantage of Winscp is changes in your local files will reflect to the server within seconds(depends on your internet speed) and you can see the changes reflecting in your browser ASAP. when you are using other FTP clients you need to either update the files or your have to check/click something to update the changes to the live server.WinSCP has 144 5star reviews out of 149 reviews in sourceforge mainly because of the following advantages.

  1. Internal editor with tabbed intefrace
  2. Easy Import/export configuration settings
  3. Portable size around 5MB are some of the advantages.


Is it easier to work with Phpmyadmin? Answer is hell yeah but when it comes to efficiency phpmyadmin is not a handy tool even though it is rated first in Top five best database management tools by six revisions.

Once you enter your credentials, it will list all the databases in the host like an explorer like interface.Clicking the database will explorer all the tables in inside.Clicking the table will open column fields, indexes and triggers which can be opened either in a new window or in the same window.It has a nice query window where you can get results for your queries at maximum speed, you can also bookmark queries. It has one more feature for an instance if you are having 1+queries in you can select the query and run it when the unselected queries remain intact.

  1. User friendly query window and easier to work with multi query windows.
  2. Data export options are better.
  3. It is easier to autoformat queries.
  4. Automatic cron jobs for db backups


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