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Use Googlesearch like a pro

When you are in need to convert currencies/units/money exchange first thing we do is looking  for a currency or unit or money converter. Google  search is also your currency converter, weather forecast, dictionary, scientific calculator. Google handles Petabytes of data everyday (1 Petabyte equals to 1024 TB). You may wonder how google handles this much of data , i saw a BBC Documentary  ’Inside Google’ an employee told “before coming to google Petabytes sounds awkward and impossible for me once i came into google I understood transfers in petabytes  are just usual”. Google has around 13 datacentres to handle and store this much of data from users.

Search by file type :
wordpress plugin tutorial:pdf
Best seo tutorial:ppt

 Search an Image
You can look for a better image that you have or you can find out the culprits who embedded your copyrighted image using Image search 

use it as a Calculator:

Calculate the time of your client( country or city )(Need not do G.M.T calculations)
time melbourne

Know Weather Forecast of your city
weather coimbatore

Get the definition:
define surface tension

Exclude Words the words you dont want:
internet marketing -advertising

Search a whole phrase by enclosing it in quotes:
“live like a legend”

Convert one unit to another & convert currencies
m to km         IR in  USD

 Know best product and price range of your favourite brand

Stock (Ticker Symbol):

Search for all the news about a popular person





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