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Useful smarty variables prestashop

Directory variables will speed up theme development process and also it avoids path conflicts when you do change the hosting .In case of wordpress  bloginfo(‘your-parameter’) function does everything.In case of prestashop there is no such function but  there  are some useful smarty variables i listed below.

1.{$base_dir}        //root folder of your shop
2.{$base_dir_ssl}    //root folder of your shop using HTTPS protocol
3.{$content_dir}     //root folder of your shop depending on the SSL settings
4.{$css_dir}         //URL for the theme’s CSS folder.
6.{$img_store_dir}    //URL for the stores images folder.
7.{$img_cat_dir}      //URL for the categories images folder.
8.{$img_dir}          //URL for the theme’s images folder.
9.{$img_lang_dir}     //URL for the languages images folder.
10.{$img_manu_dir}    //URL for the manufacturers images folder.
11.{$img_prod_dir}    //URL for the products images folder.
12.{$img_ps_dir}      //URL for the PrestaShop image folder.
13.{$img_ship_dir}    //URL for the carriers (shipping) images folder.
14.{$img_sup_dir}     //URL for the suppliers images folder.
15.{$js_dir}          //URL for the theme’s JavaScript folder.
16.{$lang_iso}        //ISO code for the current language.
17.{$modules_dir}     //URL the modules folder.
19.{$mail_dir}        //URL for the mail templates folder.
20.{$pic_dir}         //URL for the pictures upload folder.
21.{tpl_dir}          //URL for the current theme’s folder.

Please feel free to mention in comments if i missed any of the variables


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